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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A Friend in Need


Have the Bach Flower Remedies ever come to your rescue?  At the recent ‘Ladies Night’ at Bare Health I asked the room of over 30 people, who had used Rescue Remedy and over two thirds put up their hands.  Of all the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, Rescue Remedy is the one that I repeatedly find most people are aware of, having used it themselves or knowing someone who has.  Commonly people describe using it for stress, panic attacks or helping a difficult night’s sleep.  I have found it a great friend in all sorts of emergency situations. Even using it to great effect for insect bites, applying it directly to the skin and relieving very intense itching! 

Yet fewer people realise that Rescue Remedy is a combination of 5 different Bach Flower Remedies.  Understanding the components of the Remedy can help us to widen our use of Rescue Remedy and gain a deeper understanding of the healing potential from the Flower Remedies, first brought to us by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s.

The Bach Flower Remedies are made from the essence of different plants and trees, with one exception, Rock Water being made from the water of a natural spring.   Bach discovered taking these essences in a diluted form could match different emotional and mental states.  By treating the individual’s emotional state he found balance was restored, increasing the potential for self-healing on all levels.  Dr Bach created the Rescue Remedy combination for emergency situations with the aim to “restore inner calm”.

Why does the combination work so well?  The 5 different Remedies are Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis and Star of Bethlehem .  Each has very different qualities.

Rock Rose used on its own has been found to help panic and deep terror.  It is the type of panic that is found in acute situations.  It could be used when waking from a frightening nightmare or the type of panic attack that causes palpitations and the tendency to freeze in terror.  The remedy can balance the feelings of helplessness with renewed courage and presence of mind.

Impatiens has a very different quality.  It has a feeling of rushing and acting quickly.  In an Impatiens state, we can find that others move too slowly; everyone seems to get in the way and a real desire to do a task on your own.  It is certainly a great reliever of stress.  Taking it when in such a state, can bring more empathy, understanding and patience.

Cherry Plum meanwhile has a fear of losing control of thoughts and actions; the fear that they will explode and harm themselves or others.  Someone in a Cherry Plum state may fear they will becoming abusive or hysterical.  The potential for taking the remedy is to develop a calmer mind that leads to more rational behaviour. 

Clematis in contrast will appear laid back, but to such an extreme that they are dreamy, absent minded and ungrounded.  A Clematis state is not uncommon after shock.   The person will find it more difficult to concentrate and could appear ‘spaced out’.   When Clematis brings balance the individual will find greater clarity in their thoughts and be more focused.  

All 5 remedy states can be seen as aspects of different behaviour following a severe shock. With Star of Bethlehem the shock will come as the result of a traumatic experience, such as accidents, receiving bad news or bereavement.   Star of Bethlehem helps the person to integrate the shock into their lives.  By lessening the effects of shock it thus enables a speedier recovery.  It can also bring balance to the effects of an event that may have happened years earlier.

Dr Bach sought a simple system of healing that everyone could access for themselves.  I would encourage you to seek out the remedies for all types of challenges in life and assess which Remedies you feel drawn too.  Should you need help, a Bach Flower Practitioner or Homeopath trained in the use of the Bach Flower Remedies, can guide you to the specific Remedy or combination of Remedies for your individual emotional or mental state.  Bach Flower Remedies are safe for people of all ages and free from side-effects.  They are a wonderful self-healing tool.

If you find that a walk amongst plants and trees lifts your spirits then maybe the Bach Flower Remedies can equally lift your mood.  They are certainly a great friend in emergencies.

Jane Bowdenleigh is an experienced Homeopath trained in the use of Bach Flower Remedies.  Jane is available most Thursday mornings at Bare Health for an informal discussion about using Flower or Homeopathic Remedies.

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