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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Welcome to Bare Health!

Hello I'm Mel Ball and I own Bare Health, Health Store and Complementary Therapy Centre in Congleton, Cheshire. Healthy Living has always been a passion of mine. Having initially achieved a degree in Sports & Health Studies at MMU I went onto train as a Sports Massage Therapist and then for the last 15yrs I have worked in the Natural Health Industry as a sales advisor and as a Complementary Therapist. Throughout this time regularly attending seminars, workshops and undertaking further courses on many topics related to Natural Health. 

It was always a dream of mine to one day open my own Healthy Living Store & Complementary Therapy Practice - a One Stop Shop for natural Health! And in October 2011 this dream became reality! Bare Health opened its doors for the first time! So far its been an exciting and indeed challenging journey.
There's never a dull moment and at the heart of Bare health is a shared vision to promote the benefits of natural health and wellbeing to the public, offering support and advice so our customers can make informed choices about their health. I feel its so important to recognise that each and every one of us is unique and the approaches we adopt at Bare Health are holistic and tailored specifically to individual needs.

A Team Effort

Its truly a 'team' effort at Bare Health. The store is managed by myself and my mum Sue, and supported by our team of experienced, professional therapists all sharing a united passion for Health. And with a Holistic approach being at the heart of Bare Health It was important to offer a variety of disciplines that treat 'Mind, Body &  Soul'. And from this, 'Bare Health Holistics' has started to grow from strength to strength.

Out in the Community  

In addition to the Store and Therapy Centre we also put on a regular events program with monthly clinics from Leading Nutritionist and Food intolerance tester Gareth Zeal, free in store days with nutritional advisors, regular workshops, In store sampling days, Angel evenings and our hugely successful Ladies Nights and early morning Yoga Sessions! We've also been busy taking Bare Health out into the community! Giving talks at the WI and other local groups, supporting local sports events like the Cloud 9 Hill Race and participating in the Congleton Food Festival. Like I said earlier, never a dull moment!

Latest Developments

Our latest venture is our new online store so for those of you who struggle to visit us in store there is now the option to order your favourite products with us online! And don't forget we are able to access thousands of Natural Health Products so if you cant see what your'e after in store or online you can contact us at Bare health 01260 408413 or email with your enquiries.

My Personal Recommendations

Our products at Bare Health are all tried and tested quality brands. We also like to offer things that are a little unique and different too but most important is quality ingredients! We don't want our customers throwing their money down the drain! 

So, on a day to day basis what keeps me going?

  •  A good breakfast
Well, I start my day with a pint of water or a herb tea followed by a healthy nutritious breakfast, I recently came across Primrose's Kitchen - fantastic Raw Muesli's, a nutritious blend of gluten free oats, fresh carrot, cinnamon, nuts, seeds and psyllium husk which tastes great too I also add a good tablespoon of Superlife Breakfast topping on top this gives me the steady release of energy I need to see me through to lunch! Im also enjoying Orzo an Italian Coffee Alternative made from Organic Barley this comes in an instant powder or granules for a cafetiere. As I keep dairy to a bare minimum I add Koko Coconut Milk to cereals and beverages - in my opinion, this is the closest, taste wise, to semi skimmed milk.

And if I need a snack during the day? Then I love Bounce Balls, naked bars or an oatcake (or celery stick) with Organic Almond or Peanut Butter - this help sustain my energy levels. And when I feel like a bit of Chocolate? IQ Ingredients RAW Cacoa Chocolate fills that craving - I can personally recommend the lime flavour - added bonus - its actually shown to have health benefits too :)
  • Supplements  

I take SunChlorella daily, I find this again helps my energy levels, boosts my immunity and aids skin health. Alongside this I take Cherry Active for its high level of antioxidants and I find it aids my recovery from exercise. It also naturally contains melatonin which helps to regulate my sleep patterns too! (which I find extremely beneficial for those nights when my mind just wont switch off). I also like to take a good quality multivitamin that's free of binders, excipients and is easily digestible- TerraNova Multivitamin and Mineral is my product of choice along with a good source of omega oils I particularly like Solgar Wild Alaskan Fish Oil and I like to add Udos Choice Blend to salads and smoothies.

And for when there are times where i'm, lets say, 'run off my feet' and finding it a little hard to concentrate, then BetterYou Femergy  helps restore balance and my focus! My additonal coping strategy!

  • Exercise

I have to make the time to exercise! And I always feel better for it! And this is why i'm now getting myself a regular routine started. Boot Camp on a Monday night, Early Morning Yoga at Bare Health on Wednesdays and then I've recently take up Tennis (It must have been the Wimbledon fever!!) which i'm really enjoying. I can highly recommend Adele Hartshorn of Ignite Personal Coaching she's the person who is pushing us to our limits at Boot camp and then stretching us (pardon the pun) to our limits at Bare Health Yoga. Yes, she pushes us hard, but she gets results and i'm really starting to feel the benefit, not just physically, mentally also! I also love the fact that she walks her talk, is so passionate about her work and gives 100% to everything!

And Finally, one of the best tips I could give?

Keep Hydrated! Drink at least 4 pts of water a day!

I hope this has given you a little insight into Bare Health and that you will find our regular blogs on Natural Health of interest - if there's any topics you would like us to cover in future posts then please contact me on 

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The information in this blog is not intended to replace the advice of your GP or other healthcare professional. Always consult your GP if taking prescribed medication or prior to implementing making any changes to your health regime

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