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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Beat the Bugs this Summer


By Bare Health Homeopath - Jane Bowdenleigh MSC, LNWCH. 

Beat the Bugs this Summer!

Have the bugs been bothering you this summer?  Enjoying my garden on these sunny days has been a pleasure but just recently I have noticed the horseflies dancing in attendance. These bites tend to be really itchy and as soon as I give into the temptation to itch then they cover a large, red swollen area giving off a lot of heat.  The homeopathic remedy Apis is a great soother for bites like these.  Apis can be taken to ease wasp and bee stings as well as nasty bites from other insects that become hot, red and swollen.  Take Apis 6c every hour until you feel some improvement and then reduce the frequency accordingly.  If you only have a 30c then take every 2 to 3 hours and again reduce the dose, as the symptoms ease.

Most people react differently to bites and stings and matching the symptoms to the most suitable homeopathic remedy will give you the maximum relief.  Bites that burn and irritate the skin will be soothed more readily by taking Cantharis.  While reactions that cause the skin to go red and blotchy like nettle rash will gain greater relief from Urtica Urens, the remedy made from nettles.  Homeopathy treats like with like, so always match your symptoms with the symptom picture for a specific remedy.  For someone who is quite irritated from a bite or sting and sensitive to the touch Staphysagria may gives more relief.  Especially if they find the area is worse for a cold application and better for warmth.

If the individual remedies are not easily to hand, especially if you are on holiday, then a general application of Hypercal (containing Hypericum and Calendula) cream or tincture will give relief from mosquito or midge bites.  Urtica is also available as a cream to give topical relief to the types of reaction indicated above.  While I have found Rescue Remedy great for relieving an itchy bite when I have not had access to my homeopathic first aid kit.  Just put a couple of drops neat from the bottle direct on the skin.  

Of course most bites and stings can be managed at home with first aid remedies to good effect.  Though if you or someone you are with, experiences difficulty in breathing, swelling of a body part and/or palpitations ensure you access emergency medical care straight away.  This may be the first signs of an anaphylactic reaction which can be severe and life threatening.  While waiting for emergency help give Aconite 30c or 200c or if nothing else is to hand then give Rescue Remedy.  Both can ease the shock and fear.   

The good news is that there is a lot of homeopathic help to beat the bugs this summer.   Bare Health has many of the remedies and creams in store.  If you would to discuss how to best use them, I am available most Thursday mornings to answer your questions.
Jane Bowdenleigh, LNWCH.  Homeopath.  07740 798595

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