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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Meet our new Hypnotherapist - Jo Cook

“A Butterfly is the embodiment of spiritual growth, it teaches the magic of believing.”

I am Fully Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner and I am passionate about enabling people to make change in their lives and ‘Think Better, Feel Better and Live Better.’

What I love about Hypnotherapy is how clients can not only gain a deep sense of relaxation they can also achieve change in their behaviours that they never thought they could achieve.

Often people have suffered with longstanding patterns of unwanted and unhelpful thoughts and habits and have been unable to make the change.  You know you want to change, but something stops you!   In a Hypnotic trance we are able to activate the key to this change… the subconscious mind which stores our memories, repeats learned patterns of behaviour and is also the place where change is activated.

Hypnosis or trance is very safe... you will often experience trance like states when reading or watching a film.  Clinical hypnotherapy is NOT anything like stage hypnosis.

Having spent my career in Retail Management and Learning and Development, I have always had a passion for enabling people to do their best.  Then experiencing, stress, health issues and family ill-health I found that hypnotherapy helped me greatly.   As a bonus, I also got over a ‘chocolate addiction!’  I trained as a coach and then therapist and continue to study to enhance my ‘toolkit and skills;’ such as mindfulness, NLP coaching to support goals setting and EFT.

Many come to me affected by the following and experience symptoms and limitations in an assortment of ways.
Panic Attacks
Nail biting
Smoking cessation
Weight loss
Food addictions
Emotional eating

Sexual problems
Public speaking
Pain management
Irritable bowel syndrome
Fears & phobias
Low self-esteem
Low confidence
Performance issues

I specialise in Anxiety and Weight Loss, with the following programmes, which address the root cause, limiting beliefs and habits.

  • ·         Sparkle formula for Weight loss and Vitality
  • ·         Shine Formula for Anxiety and Self-Belief
  • ·         My Chrysalis programme works on transformation, so if you feel you lack self-esteem, lack self-belief, challenged by life events, and struggling to ‘like yourself’ this programme enables you to find and use inner resources.

I follow the code of ethics of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP) British Brain Research Society (BBRS)and a member of the Complementary Natural HealthCare Council (CNHC). I am fully insured and continue my development as required.

As Health is about mind and body, I am pleased to be working at ‘Bare Health’ in Congleton, Cheshire, where you can access a holistic approach to achieve your goals.

If you would like to find out more about Hypnotherapy, please contact me to arrange a Telephone Consultation to discuss your challenges, goals and find out how I can help you.


Prices £60/ session with discounts available for packaged bookings.

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