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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Finding Balance, Finding Self

I was once asked by a client, “When will I know my Homeopathy treatment is complete?”  A simple question maybe – surely when the digestive complaint she came with, felt better.  Or maybe not.  The digestive complaint was better at her first follow up appointment a month later.  Yet there she was at her third appointment exploring other issues around sleep and her emotional health.  As a holistic therapy, Homeopathy takes account of all levels of health; physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual if that is an area you wish to explore.  A problem with her digestion had brought her to see me.  Yet in taking her case, she had also identified a whole range of other health issues that she wished to improve; such as sleep and anxiety.  My goal always is to empower the client to raise their awareness about their own health needs.  It is also a good question to keep reviewing whatever your treatment of choice. 

However it raises the question “what is good health?”  The answer is typically different for each of us.  Just as Homeopathy individualises its approach to your health and the remedy given, what good health means to you, will differ from the next person.  If you have a chronic pain problem such as Rheumatoid Arthritis then feeling healthy may be a day free of pain.  For someone recently bereaved, then good health may be that they can move forward and function each day, without their loved one.

For me, good health is all about balance. Feeling in balance can mean having the energy and vitality to live life to the full.  Being out of balance is when some aspect of my life is limited.  This may be physical and consist of a range of symptoms causing ill health.  Or it may be felt emotionally, feeling too anxious to go to a social event or lacking confidence at work. 

Our ability to regain our balance when life pressures increase or the unexpected happens is also an indicator of our good health.   

Homeopathy and Bach Flower Essences are the two modalities I use as a Holistic Therapist and to maintain my own health.  Both therapies provide time to share your story, have it objectively observed and give the opportunity to self-reflect.  My aim is to facilitate you to write your own agenda for good health.  Edward Bach suggested, “Know thyself, Heal thyself” as a central tenet to working with the Bach Flower remedies.  That for me is the key to good health.  As you build your awareness of self, using Homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies, so you find your own answers, such as knowing when your treatment is complete.

For me the therapies are part of my life time journey.  I may go months or years without needing to see my Homeopath or Bach Flower Practitioner.  Then I find myself finding it more difficult to regain my balance and I know it is time to take stock.  Finding balance is essential for my health.  Is it for you?  Homeopathy or Bach Flower essences and a Therapist to facilitate may be one solution on your journey to finding it.

Jane Bowdenleigh is an experienced Registered Homeopath (RSHom) and Bach Flower Practitioner (BFRP).  She holds regular weekday and Saturday clinics at Bare Health in Congleton, Cheshire.  For more information contact Jane on 07740 798595.  For more information about the extensive range of Holistic Therapies available at Bare Health ring 01260 408413.

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